Innovative information systems and data utilization are the inputs of today’s agribusiness

Discover how Online is transforming companies across the value chain

The agribusiness industry is benefiting from advances in technology that allow companies
to stay ahead of the market and succeed even in times of low commodity prices.​

Online has been developing information systems for agribusiness clients for nearly 30 years. Over that time we’ve been part of many revolutions in the industry:

  • We’ve modernized elevator management and inventory systems delivering industry leading pricing solutions.
  • Our systems have pulled mainframes out of the country, and provided digital experiences for farmers.
  • Our team have redefined crop inputs and managed financing and credit application processes.
  • Our systems have processed over 1 billion dollars in annual payments to 60,000 Western Canadian farmers.
  • We have helped grain companies select, implement and integrate package software solutions.
  • We have built market compliance and reporting software for a prominent agricultural commodity exchange.

Our team of senior experts have helped our Agribusiness clients truly transform their operations. We have worked with major agribusiness customers throughout Western Canada providing unparalleled  industry knowledge.

Online has become a trusted advisor to Canada’s leading Agribusiness companies. These companies manage over 75% of the grain grown in Canada.