Perhaps no other industry is evolving as rapidly, nor has a more complex business environment than the energy sector. For 20 years Online has been collaborating with some of the industry’s most innovative companies to design new business and information systems that support long-term strategy.

Our team of experts collaborate with you to manage complex technology portfolios including data analytics, technology deployment, implementation support and security. 

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Pipeline Scheduling Applications

Effective pipeline management has become a strategic priority for midstream energy companies. Your pipeline scheduling solutions need to provide enhanced system intelligence and higher levels of process automation to support operational decision-making.  We help midstream companies enhance their capabilities to manage pipeline operations in an effective and efficient manner using the latest in pipeline scheduling and automation solutions. Our team of experts will help you leverage pipeline scheduling applications to support the entire order-to-cash process while ensuring that your processes and suite of technology solutions are fully integrated providing a consolidated view of pipeline-related data.

Simulation Modelling

You need to make informed decisions. Many of your critical decisions involve numerous variables, a cross-section of systems and an even more complex network of processes.  Together with Lanner, a leading simulation modelling provider, we enable our energy decision-makers with predictive tools that allow you to proactively address dynamic changes in your business. Our solutions create statistically accurate models that represent the behaviour of production systems and provide you with tools to conduct predictive experiments to proactively manage variability, disruptions, and interaction complexity – resulting in better value for your customers across the supply chain.

SAGD Well Management

Your Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) well integrity teams’ ability to predict and prevent the occurrence of an adverse environmental or safety event on your SAGD wells is critical. Our well integrity solution provides a centralized access point to multiple sources of data and translates this data into information creating a comprehensive SAGD well integrity decision support center. The solution supports assets throughout their life cycle, optimizes well production, monitors and reports on well integrity, and both predicts and notifies your team of potential issues – preventing well down time and minimizing uncontrolled fluid release and costs related to unexpected well failure.


Mid stream energy companies are challenged to continually improve the performance of their pipelines resolving bottlenecks, reducing constraints and maximizing capacity flow.  Our Contextual Optimization Platform (C.O.P.) is an optimization and management platform for pipeline scheduling. Using industry standards, C.O.P. allows you to optimize batch injection sequences providing robust customization and configuration based on your assets, crude types, scheduling objectives and business priorities. C.O.P delivers faster metrics-driven decision-making that drives improved performance.

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