Armen Ter-Sarkisov

Consultant, Quality Assurance Analyst

I started at Online on September 2015. My consultant specialties are based on varieties of testing styles and approaches, that I carefully crafted by being a diligent QA practitioner for almost 10 years. My personal interests combine passion for a jazz music (period of 50?s-60?s), exploring cultures by reading foreign literature, watching documentaries and meeting people with terrific stories. I am a dedicated runner (10k distance), ex-practitioner of capoeira discipline (Afro-Brazilian martial art). I moved to Winnipeg at 2012 with my family, which consists from myself, my wife, 3 kids and a British shorthair cat who goes by the name of ?Titan Moonshine of Rock Crystals?. Please reach out if you find these topics appealing (or not) and we will discuss it. J

What is your main area of expertise?

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