Dipanjan Munshi

Senior Agile Coach and Solution Architect

Dipanjan Munshi is Online’s Senior Agile Coach and Solution Architect based in our Winnipeg office. He has been a proud Onliner for 2 years and has over 20 years of IT experience.
We had an opportunity to sit down with Dipanjan and get his thoughts on life and work at Online: 

What is your main area of expertise?

Apart from Agile coaching and consulting, or which I have 15 years experience, my areas of expertise consist of Business Architecture, Business Process Optimization, Enterprise Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, and General Solution Architecture. 

Why do clients love Online?

Clients love Online because of our ingrained value system; caring and empathy, passion for our work, our integrity, forward-thinking, and commitment. It is because of this value system that we never bring a one-size-fits-all approach that some other consulting firms do. Online works with our clients on a personal level to identify the root cause of their concerns and provide a customized solution that addresses their specific needs. We understand that Agile is a philosophy and everyone’s requirement or definition of Agile is a bit different. 

What projects have you most enjoyed working on?

One of my most recent project comes immediately to my mind where Online was engaged with the clients to develop a sales service application. The project was unique for me as it required me to exercise both of my skill profiles – that of an Agile Coach and a Solution Architect. As an Agile coach, I had the challenge of getting the team and the organization to adopt Agile, which was a new way of thinking for them.

As a solution architect, I had the challenge of implementing several complex technologies such as a cloud platform and microservices for the first time within that organization. Today, the project is considered one of the most successful projects by Online. As a result, the clients have given us repeat business to deliver multiple projects using both Agile and the above-mentioned technology platforms.

Why do you like working at Online?

The best part about working in Online is the value this organization attaches to its people. It ensures that enough creative challenges are set for people who really want to challenge their boundaries. If you are stuck, no problem; you just need to ask and every Onliner is beside you to help. It is one of those very few organizations which actually practices servant leadership. It is the kind of environment that makes you feel excited to start work every morning.

What do you think are the top five key elements to excellent client relationships?

Having inter-personal connections with each and every stakeholder, ensuring transparency and visibility to your work and the decisions you make, aligning your work with the organizational big picture instead of “I came, I worked and I left” attitude, having a positive and open disposition that makes you approachable, and of course, in-depth skills on the work that you are engaged to do.

What charities or causes are important to you?

I passionately believe that every child should have a happy and playful childhood, with a home to go to, enough food, and at least a primary level education. When I see small children in need, without home or food, or that are facing abuse, it greatly affects me. I have been associated with multiple children’s welfare charities, and more recently have been working closely with United Way.

What will we typically find you doing if you’re not working?

I love working on video editing and mixing projects.

What relaxes you?

Music, especially the soft soulful songs. I can listen to them for 24 hours.

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