James Fatoki

Business Analyst

What is your professional experience?

I have an Engineering / IT background, and have been practicing in the Business Analysis space for quite a while now. My experience cuts across the Telecommunications, Insurance, and Financial Services domains.

What is your main area of expertise?

As a consultant, my main drive is helping clients achieve their various business needs, goals, and objectives.
I have achieved this through various roles, such as:

  1. Business Analysis
  2. Business Consulting
  3. Business Transformation

What education do you have? What certifications do you hold?

  1. B. Tech – Engineering
  2. B.Sc (Hons) – Network Systems
  3. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3 Foundation)
  4. Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP)
  5. Prosci© Change Management Certification

What made you want to work at Online?

My very first interview! This was an opportunity for me to learn more about the culture and values of Online. They align well with my expectations and I began looking forward to being a part of it all.

Why do clients love Online?

I think the track record speaks for itself. Clients love seasoned professionals (Onliners) who are passionate about what they do and are eager to help clients along their journey.

Why do you like working at Online?

The Culture and Value System! Clients are important to Online as an organization; however, the organization is also very focused, committed, and dedicated to “Onliners” as well. It’s a big deal that my organization cares about me.

What do you think are the top five key elements to excellent client relationships?

  1. Show that you truly care about their business needs, goals, and objectives
  2. Demonstrate professionalism, a strong skill set, and talent
  3. Earn their trust and respect
  4. Build credibility
  5. Listen, get feedback, and continuously improve to ensure excellent service delivery

What relaxes you?

Catching up on my favourite TV shows.

Where are four places you have lived?

Lagos (Nigeria), Newcastle-Upon Tyne (UK), Toronto, and Winnipeg.

What languages do you speak?

Yoruba and English.

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