Kevin Sigmundson

Practice Director, Digital Experience Development

Kevin Sigmundson is Online’s Practice Director, Digital Experience Development. He has been a proud Onliner for 20 years.

What is your main area of expertise?

I lead a team that specializes in the development of digital products and custom software applications.

Where did you go to school? 

Do you have any professional certifications? I have post-secondary diplomas in both the Humanities and Computer Science. I also, received a Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute.

What projects have you most enjoyed working on?

 I’ve had some amazing opportunities at Online, I’ve been lucky enough to get to be a part of most of the major application development projects we’ve executed over the past 20 years. The projects that I enjoyed the most would have to be the Farmer Procurement and Payment system project for the Canadian Wheat Board and the Pipelink Customer Experience Project for Enbridge. In both of these projects I had the opportunity to lead an amazing team and deliver a product that fundamentally changed how our client delivered service to it’s customers, pretty cool!

What made you want to work at Online?

Online has a strong reputation for hiring only the best, and for taking on really interesting work. I had heard of Online prior to applying, but as soon as I had my first technical interview with another Online consultant, I knew that this was a group that I wanted to be part of.  

Why do clients love Online?

 Application Development is complicated and there are always a lot of details to track and potential for things to fall through the cracks. Clients love Online because we are better than other teams at identifying, tracking and delivering the details not only for the work that we are directly responsible for, but often in adjacent work as well. We have the perspective that the only way we can be successful is for the client to be successful, and if there’s a detail that needs to be caught in order for the client to be successful, we’re on it regardless of who owns it.  I think it’s that level of commitment that our clients appreciate from Online.

What are three interesting places you’ve visited?

 I’m still just getting started on travelling the world, but I’d have to pick Ottawa, Canada, London, England, and Taichung, Taiwan. I’ve been to Ottawa a few times now, and I love the history and the museums, the Parliament buildings and the whole atmosphere of being in the nations capital. London was cool as it’s truly a world city, just walking around you feel like you’re in a movie. And finally, Taichung, Taiwan, the food, the excitement and most importantly, the warmth of the people and good times with my Taiwan relatives make it the top of my list.

What motivates you?

I have an amazing family, my wife Kristina, and my two teenagers Scott and Maddy. They are always there for me, and they support me in everything that I do. 

What will we typically find you doing if you’re not working?

In the winter, my kids keep me pretty busy as they are both active in sports and other activities. We’re pretty big hockey fans in our household, so if we’re not out watching a kid play, chances are we’re at home cheering for our Winnipeg Jets on TV.  In the summer, it’s road trips and days at the beach.

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