Building for the future - Transformation is imperative

Whether it’s the bottom line, new competition, or customer experience – results matter.

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Business Transformation

To stay competitive your organization must successfully be able to anticipate and respond dynamically to changes in the marketplace – continually. The ability to successfully transform your business is imperative; doing it successfully is challenging. We use a transformation framework that holistically addresses strategy, people, processes and technology. If you want sustainable improvement, you have to have all four components and you have to continuously manage your transformation program against results and expected value. The goal is to transform your company for success.

Solution Selection and Implementation

Selecting the right solution to support specific business needs is critical. Although the right solution will be unique to your business environment, the approach to finding it doesn’t have to be. Online’s Solution Selection service assists our clients through the process of effectively selecting the right solution – one that is aligned to support your distinct combination of requirements. Our Solution Selection Methodology provides a disciplined approach that is structured to build this alignment into the selection process right from the start.

Program and Project Management

With so much on the line, you can’t afford to have a project not be successful. You need to do more than deliver projects you need to deliver results – and you need to do it at an increasingly rapid pace. This puts pressure on your management practices to be scalable, predictable and dynamic. Working with you, we will lead and inspire teams to deliver the outcomes and benefits you need. Our experience helps us ensure the integrity of project delivery and the dependencies between projects across your company.

Organizational Change Management

Successful companies today are not afraid of change and have invested in preparing their teams for the change that is required to grow. Change management is more than a skill, it’s an essential part of your organization’s culture that makes transformations succeed – if you want results you have to start enabling the right people to do the right things from the very beginning. Wherever you are at with your change management program we can help you. From creating strategy, managing change initiatives, to delivering training focused on training adoption our team of PROSCI certified experts can provide guidance and best practices to help make your next change a success. It starts with the right people, in the right roles driving strategy. And the right people, in the right roles being part of the change plan to implement the strategy. Organizations don’t change, people do. To get results, individuals must behave differently.

Quality Assurance

If your company is like many others, your threshold for errors, poor performance and inconsistent behavior has diminished  as your customers have come to expect consistent, quality interactions.   The emphasis on quality has had a significant impact on how you expect technology solutions to behave.  To support these expectations, we treat quality as a mandatory requirement from the very beginning. We put quality-centric activities as early as possible on our projects and manage and measure them against both functional requirements and user experience requirements.  The result is a high quality solution that not only meets the functional objectives but one that is highly tuned to meet the quality expectations of your customers.

Purpose Driven Testing

James Fatoki
Project of the Year Award Winner
“The outcome of the Farmer Payment & Procurement System project is reliable and consistent product delivery to the customer resulting in better returns for farmers.”

Canadian Wheat Board, Vice-President Logistics and Supply