You need to protect your customer experience. We know how important it is to make sure your customer data is safe and secure. As a Genesys services partner with decades of experience across the Genesys platform, we combine that knowledge with our Security Consulting expertise to help ensure that both your organization’s information, and your customer information, are secure and protected from threats and vulnerabilities – now and in the future. 

Today’s organizations are facing constant threats from the changes associated with new and rapidly deployed technologies, personnel changes, growing malware sophistication, and increasingly knowledgeable attackers. Data breaches are rising at an alarming rate, costing consumers and businesses many thousands of dollars each year. And businesses are being held increasingly accountable if a data breach or identity theft occurs. Our CX team works with our Security Consulting  team to ensure that your organization and your customer information are secure and protected from these threats.  


SecureCX – Risk Assessment​

Enables you to identity threats and vulnerabilities to your Genesys environment that can potentially impact your business, and to analyze controls that reduce risk.

SecureCX – Pen Testing​

Provides a comprehensive analysis of vulnerabilities through an in-depth technical review of your current Genesys implementation security posture and identifies business risks that need to be addressed.