Designing for the next generation of digital product users.

Digital experiences that include convenient access to core business services are already more than an expectation—they are ubiquitous. And as the lines between the tech industry and traditional business is rapidly blurred, every company will soon need to become a tech company. That’s why digital experiences have become the new frontline of business innovation and growth. Let our Digital Studio team be your secret weapon.

Our Expertise

User-Centred Design

Applying observation, empathy, and insights from actual users ahead of development to help you produce the digital product they truly want.

Advanced Analytics

Build a sustainable reporting and metrics action plan for experimentation, better feature road-mapping, and product success.

Scalable Design Systems

Beyond a UI kit and brand guide, a well crafted and implemented design system will help your digital products scale rapidly and consistently.

Content Creation & Asset Management

An understanding of the unique challenges and best practices for creating and managing assets in enterprises with many contributors.

Secure and Responsive Development

Online's 30 years of IT infrastructure experience and enterprise software development utilized for peak performance and security.

Rapid Prototyping & Solution Validation

Gain a better understanding of user expectations through product visualizations while saving dev-teams precious time and added cost.

Crafting Products,
not projects​

Today’s digital products require constant iteration for improved adoption, performance and usability. That’s why Online’s Digital Studio is equipped to apply expertise throughout all aspects of your digital products’ design and deployment strategy.


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With our dedicated high performance teams we are uniquely capable of end-to-end product development and integration. This ensures continuity, reduced time to market, and single-source accountability. Meet some of our team.


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