Online’s Managed Security Services are designed to be flexible and focused on providing our Clients with the right kind of security, when they need it, using tools that give them confidence and flexibility to do the right thing.

Our service-first approach means that our MSS team works as part of our Clients’ teams. Wherever possible we look to leverage existing technology investments, explore open source solutions, and integrate with their operations for incident support.

As an MSS provider Online is committed to providing companies throughout North America with peace of mind knowing that
their environments are being monitored, 
with an opportunity to lower or shift the costs required to manage security on a day-to-day and with an expertly trained and experienced team who will investigate and support your organization with responding to incidents can be daunting.  

“Thanks to Online our most critical assets are secured – without restricting the business.”
– William Beaver, CISO  Mirador

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Our MSS services are delivered by experienced Security Analysts at Online’s 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC). 

Our team integrates various data sources, regardless of type or manufacturer. This means little to no cost to replace existing IT assets, minimal set up costs, and a significant degree of flexibility in how the technology will be applied.

Manage. Detect. Respond.

Online’s MDR services are designed to quickly detect threats and improve your organization’s response once compromises have been found. Our goal is to provide our customers with a team of experts who are continually monitoring and searching through your environment to quickly detect threats and strengthen your responsiveness. 

 Online’s MDR is anchored in three key areas

  1. Experienced Team: Our team of technical security analysts are capable of conducting investigations, malware analysis, and threat research to support our customers when they need it most.
  2. Mature Process: Leveraging our team’s many years of experience in information security. We use well-refined processes and incident response best practices.
  3. Advanced Technology: Our security analytics (SA) platform is powered by Elastic, the most recognizable name in open source. Our SA platform allows us to evaluate our customer’s activity using multiple detection technologies and techniques.

Managed Security Operations

Whether you are looking to outsource full Security Operations Center capabilities, or key security analyst/engineering staff, Online can support the needs of your business while addressing the demands of a security operations program. 

Our MSS team can step into your existing technical environment and incident handling processes providing you with immediate relief to staff shortages, budget constraint and short-term spikes in demand. We can often jump right into active monitoring and investigation as an extension of your team. 

Our team can also provide monitoring assistance for compliance gaps, and areas which may require a unique approach to architecture and process.