Today more than ever, you need to continually monitor and manage your company’s security posture. Working as a part of your team, our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide you with clarity and context about what is happening – identifying threats early, mobilizing the appropriate investigation, and addressing the gaps before you are exposed – all while being tailored to you.

Our MSS program is customized specifically for each of our clients based on their business strategy, compliance requirements, and risk profile. The result is a solution that gives you just what you need, deployed how you need it, and supported with the right level of monitoring. 

Online’s MSS team works as an extension of your team – providing you with the assurance that your environment is being monitored, engaging you as necessary, and ready to act on your behalf when we are needed.

When does MSS make sense?


Our MSS services are delivered by experienced Security Analysts at Online’s 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC). 

Our team integrates various data sources, regardless of type or manufacturer. This means little to no cost to replace existing IT assets, minimal set up costs, and a significant degree of flexibility in how the technology will be applied.

Managed Detection & Response

Online’s Managed Detection and Response services leverage a combination of technologies deployed at the host and network layers, advanced analytics, threat intelligence, and human expertise in incident investigation and response.

Managed SIEM

Online offers a complete Managed Security
Information Event Management (SIEM) service,
which includes asset discovery, asset classification,  log management, event correlation, threat intelligence, incident support, visualization, and reporting.

Managed Cloud Security Monitoring

We provide security monitoring of AWS, Azure and Office 365 cloud environments to ensure your data stays safe while benefiting from the advantages of moving your information and services to the cloud.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Online’s Managed Vulnerability Scanning service extends the value of a one-time vulnerability assessment by providing you with ongoing visibility as part of your information security maintenance program. 

We combine vulnerability scanning, identification, assessment, and reporting into a single service offering designed to assist your efforts in reducing vulnerabilities and improving overall information security.