Today more than ever, you need to continually monitor and manage your company’s security posture. Working as a part of your team, our Managed Security Services provide you with clarity and context about what is happening – identifying threats early, mobilizing the appropriate investigation, and addressing the gaps before you are exposed – all while being tailored to you.

Our Managed Security Services program is customized specifically for each of our clients based on their business strategy, compliance requirements, and risk profile. The result is a solution that gives you just what you need, deployed how you need it, and supported with the right level of monitoring. 

We bring the best in people, processes, and technology so you can rest assured that your environment is being monitored by a certified team that uses best in class technology and that events are being addressed effectively based on business priority.

When does MSS make sense?


Fully Managed

Our fully managed solution provides you with a comprehensive security operations center (SOC).  Our SOC is staffed by a qualified expert team who monitor, validate, and escalate security threats – all based on support levels dictated by your business requirements.

You benefit from the most advanced technology, without the cost and complexity of owning and administering your own security information and event management solution.  


Through our co-managed solution, we use a shared model to monitor and manage your environment and all security duties. In most cases, you own and operate the SIEM, while we monitor and review logs and other data from the SIEM. We then process this information, providing you with additional resource coverage and critical threat intelligence.

Our co-managed solution is a preferred solution for companies that have already made an investment in a SIEM, but want increased performance through using the people and processes of Online’s SOC.  


Through our custom managed security services we work with you to build a security platform that is tailored to your specific needs, budget, timeline, and other considerations. Our custom solution leverages the security investments you have already made while addressing all of the critical gaps and needs you have.

Our custom managed security solution is completely designed to support your business and meet the unique needs of your environment.