We help companies maintain an ideal user experience by providing a real-time solution that keeps you apprised of the performance of all of your systems.

Application performance issues can hurt your business and brand reputation. Your customers expect things to run smoothly – poor performance or, worse, system outages, are not accepted by today’s customer.  

APM is about limiting these problems and resolving them as quickly as possible to curb the impact to your bottom line. Together with our partner, AppDynamics, Online offers an APM technology solution that provides end-to-end business transaction-centric management of your applications.  

This solution provides real-time auto-discovered transactions, dynamic baselining, code-level diagnostics, and Virtual War Room collaboration to ensure rapid issue identification and resolution, all designed to maintain an ideal user experience.

Online is proud to be an AppDynamics Partner


Application Performance Monitoring​

Monitor end-to-end application transaction flows, providing you with the information needed to make performance adjustments immediately. ​

Application Performance Analytics​

Through real-time analysis and visualization of automatically collected and correlated data your team will gather real-time insights into IT operations, customer experience and business outcomes. ​

Application Customer Experience Optimization​​

Expand the visibility of your APM tools to increase user experience engagement and conversion. ​