Finding new efficiencies through process improvement and innovative information systems that together improve patient care.

Online is at the forefront of designing, developing and implementing innovative e-health systems that provide healthcare professionals with access to essential patient information when and where its needed along the continuum of care.

General Manager, Edmonton West PCN

"Our experience with Online has been phenomenal. The project we engaged with them on is the single most impactful project our business has ever conducted to improve business process and efficiency. The entire Online team was outstanding in every way. Thank you to the whole team for their significant contributions to this project, and subsequently, to our organization."
Business and Clinical Management

To support today’s patient-centric model you need a comprehensive health system strategy that considers all aspects of healthcare delivery – the people, processes and technologies. Our Business and Clinical Management solutions use this strategy to create greater efficiencies in both business and clinical processes by resolving secure access, streamlining the exchange of patient information, and deploying an optimized delivery model to support patient services now and for the future.

eHealth – System Integration

Your health care organization is under constant pressure to delivery better front line patient care, efficiently.  Our portfolio of eHealth and system integration solutions improve the performance of your health care organization by deploying strategic healthcare technology investments while resolving the complex integration, data management and infrastructure requirements. These solutions reduce patient wait times, decrease costs and ultimate improve the standard of care.

Primary Care Optimization

Primary care providers, whether operating independently or as part of a network, require the same controls around information management, privacy, and auditability as used by larger health care centers. Our primary care optimization solution reduces administrative costs by addressing the complex information management requirements of meeting the multi-disciplinary needs of primary care patients.