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Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change is Human Change

Change management allows companies to respond to new opportunities and fuels the participation and adoption of transformation initiatives, of all sizes.

Change in a company is all about people. We use a thoughtful, structured approach to help your team embrace new ways of working, get comfortable with new technology tech, and adapt faster. The result? A team that’s more skilled, adaptable, and ready to take on whatever comes their way.

With change, there is no such thing as one size fits all; each project or program requires a unique approach. The best news – we customize the approach based on what you’re trying to accomplish and the change maturity of your organization.

By supporting the people side of change you can dramatically improve the odds of meeting the outcomes of your initiatives.


Our change management practice is designed to support the entire organization. Whether you need OCM experience for a project, assistance in maturing your organizational change capability, the development of your change leadership or integration of change into your company culture – we can help.


The systematic deployment of change management skills, tools and processes throughout an organization helping an org build change capabilities.

Change Maturity assess/plan

Organizational change coaching

Design and implement Organizational Change Management Centers Of Excellence

Change skills training (Exec, Sponsor, People Managers)

Organizational change facilitation

Enhance change resiliency and agility of the organization

It's not about us.

It’s all about you. Our change team focuses on co-creating change management practices with our clients to ensure you’re able to work independently when the project is completed and we are gone.

It's more than a project.

Often, change management begins on a project, but then quickly extends into all parts of the organization. Our team understands that to bridge the gap that often exists between strategy and execution you need an integrated roadmap for change maturity.

It's always changing.

While our approach is always evolving, our team has decades of experience working with leading change management methodologies and practices. Our practitioners have certification in CCMP, Prosci, People Centered Implementation, Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, PMP, and others.

SERVICE OVERVIEW: Organizational Change Management

Online’s team of Organizational Change Management professionals thrive on helping our clients create lasting change within their organizations, by focusing on the people side of change. Ultimately, enabling your people to embrace change can be your secret weapon.

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