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Our Executive Team is committed to fostering a culture of leadership across the entire company and aspire to create an organization of leaders.
Online was founded in 1986 by Chuck Loewen who had a vision for creating a different kind of consulting company. He believed that he could gather like-minded people to accomplish great things for Online’s Clients by focusing on culture and a shared set of values. For 38 years, Online has done just that.

Together with the leadership of Online’s Executive team, Online’s team has grown to over 400 Onliners working with Clients throughout Canada, USA and EMEA.

Chuck Loewen

President and Chief
Executive Officer
Chuck's Story

Tim Siemens

Partner and Chief
Technology Officer
Tim's Story

Christopher Harper

Chief Financial & People
Chris' Story

John Frejuk

Vice President,
Digital Transformation
John's Story

David Neufeld

Vice President,
Corporate Services
David's Story

Steve Levinson

Vice President, Risk,
Security and Privacy
Steve's Story

Jack Nixon

Vice President,
Jack's Story

Sheryl Wachal Lerato

Vice President,
Sheryl's Story