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Online’s Data Services team recognizes that each company considers and organizes their data in very different ways.
We don’t need your data to be neatly structured to showcase significant value for your teams, but if you happen to be farther along in your data maturity journey- we are effectively poised to guide you towards exceptional outcomes as well. 

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When it comes to Data Engineering & Architecture, Data Management & Governance, or Data Analytics & Reporting,
our team recognizes that each company considers and organizes their data in very different ways.

Our tailored and phased approach ensures that each organization maximizes insights from their data while facilitating progress along the maturity spectrum. Discover how our 4-step approach will help your organization reach its goals.


Drive your business forward, unleashing the potential of your data.

The first step in assessing your data is to answer a simple question – where are you today? Our Data Maturity Assessment will provide a thorough evaluation of your data maturity in key business segments such as your people, processes, and technology. This insight is crucial for deciding what to prioritize, and which questions you now need answers to.


Empower your business with a strategic approach, combining insights with innovation.

You understand where you are and where you want to be, but how will you get there? Guide your enterprise to new levels with confidence, using our Data Strategy & Roadmap service, where collaboration with IT and Business leaders contributes to effective prioritization of data technology, data governance, data security, and data literacy.


Streamline your end-to-end data landscape with robust solutions.

You have direction and a plan but putting it all in place requires experience. Our Data Solutions Implementation Service encompasses the logistic side of your data strategy. From innovative proof-of-concepts to delivering data integration, migration, warehousing, and master data management solutions, we will be your partner in revealing your data’s true potential. With a keen focus on governance, privacy, and security, our safeguarding processes ensure compliance and trust.


Bridge the gaps between Business and IT to reveal measurable results and streamline decision-making.

Your organization’s opportunities for growth will be made crystal clear with our Analytics & Reporting service. Harness cutting-edge AI, ML & GenAI technologies to drive data-driven decision-making across your enterprise. Optimize strategies tailored specific to your business needs, and partner with us to transform raw data into valued assets.


Data Leaders

Are investing heavily to align data quality & observability, data integration & engineering, and data privacy & protection.

In a 2024 survey of over 600 CDOs:

“Not only do 78% of data leaders predict their organization’s level of investments will increase in 2024 – but 100% of data leaders specifically plan to invest in data management capabilities to support their data strategy priorities.”

Governance & Security

Ensure data security and compliance through policies & procedures around data collection, storage and usage.

Data at Work - Ignite your goals with the power of data

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A number of United Way agencies came together around a shared goal of increasing donations back to the community

The United Way agencies built a shared solution that allowed them to easily share and access data, while still operating individually on different Microsoft Azure subscriptions.
Online provided experienced consultants to extract data from relevant sources, rearchitect the existing on-premise solution to take advantage of Data Lakes and enable secure collaborate between offices. to make better decisions, understand their donors and ultimately increase donations back to the community.


Online has been successfully providing data solutions for over 38 years. 

Our continuous focus on data-related innovation and research at our Innovation Lab enables us to experiment and test new cutting-edge technologies ensuring that we bring new perspectives, technologies and ideas to our clients, providing them with a competitive edge.

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The Data-Driven Organization: Part One

Generative AI is regarded as the exponential next step for the evolution of AI. What are crucial considerations for how to leverage these advancements to your competitive advantage? It starts with your data. 

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Dipanjan Munshi

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