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Competent cybersecurity professionals are in high demand globally. Whether you are looking for a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), Security Director, or Security Manager to help lead your organizational security development, Online's CISO team can help.

Inquire how our tailor-made CISO as a Service program can add vital benefits in just one business quarter.

Cybersecurity challenges, including developing threats like malware and phishing, complexities in securing cloud environments, and expanding remote workforces, demand a dedicated security resource that is in sync with the rapidly evolving landscape. It can be a struggle to keep up with industry and technology changes that introduce vulnerabilities to valuable corporate assets. Managing identity and access and securing the supply chain further compound the difficulties.

Incident response and regulatory compliance
, along with data protection regulations such as GDPR, add extra layers of complexity, highlighting the crucial need for specialized security experts. Finding, hiring, and retaining a full-time security resource can be costly, and may prove to be difficult. The risk of a breach to an organization has never been greater.
A trusted part-time CISO, or Fractional CISO, can offer cost-effective solutions aligned with core business objectives, providing targeted skills to navigate and address the pressing challenges in today’s
dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

Online's CISO Services

Through Online’s CISO services, we work with our clients to ensure that leading security measures are in place. Our CISOs become extensions of your leadership teams, participate in strategy meetings and develop policies and key security management documents, all with an eye towards communication and mentorship, reducing risk within the organization.

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Wondering how a Fractional or Virtual CISO can create significant change in your organization?

Download Online's infographic to understand the benefits our CISOaaS offering can make for your operations.

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What can our CISO Program Offer Your Organization?


Security Operations

Risk Assessment

Compliance & Audits

Risk Management

Security Architecture

BLOG: US-Based Tech Company Hires CISO: A Case Study

"We are required to comply with HIPAA and potentially HITRUST, SOC2,
and ISO and need help to get there".

What actions did Online take when being approached by a Client with a very common need? Online acted quickly to address the immediate need and put out the fire, while ultimately achieving HIPAA compliance.

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BLOG: Top 5 Signs You Need
a Virtual CISO

Healthcare organizations are charged with protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the medical records they create and maintain. These requirements come in the form of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, State Laws, and cyber insurance policies.

That said, many organizations don't have the internal capabilities to know how to comply with all of these requirements and don't have the budget to hire an expert in this field.

This is where a CISO, or virtual Chief Information Security Officer may be able to help.

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BLOG: When to Get a Threat-Based
Risk Assessment

Healthcare CISOs and CIOs continue to struggle to get the resources they require to address increasing threats in the digital environment and too often they are presented with risk analysis reports that simply contain a laundry list of security control failures.

When is the best time to have an assessment done?

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BLOG: Give Your Patients' Data a
Clean Bill of Health

Your personal health data is not only very private, but it is very valuable. Healthcare organizations across North America are continually needing to invest in security programs that protect their patient information through physical security, technology, and managing human-led processes.

When was your last security program check-up?

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CISO Lead Risk,
Security, and Privacy

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