Agile Transformation

Agile organizations are different.

In today’s digital world, business and technology needs are evolving at a rapid pace, making the need for agile transformation more important than ever. Online helps clients become an Agile organization by shifting the way they work to be more customer-centric, more productive and provide more value. 


40+% Faster Time-To-Market

Reducing delays is the quickest way to reduce development and rollout times.

35% Increase in Employee Satisfaction

Employees are part of self-organizing teams and decentralized decision-making.

20-50% Increase in Productivity

Teams can quickly change priorities and reduce waste.


Built-in quality practices increase customer satisfaction & provide faster & more predictable value delivery.

Online's Agile Transformation Services

We will help you become an agile organization by shifting the way you work so you become more customer-centric, more productive, delivering more value. 

We begin where you are at. But we won’t leave you there.

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Coaching & Advisory

We help you build a strategy for Agile across the organization and then teach, mentor and guide your leaders and teams in the adoption of Agile principles and practices.

Agile Development TEAMS

Led by our Digital Studio, we transition traditional delivery to Agile and DevOps for iterative and rapid releases. We focus on creating an alignment between business and IT by developing products that drive value.

Training & Certifications

Our team of certified trainers offer courses throughout the year that can be tailored for your organization.

"Online has been the first company I've worked with that knows the proper way to implement an agile workflow, and actually stick with it. It's incredibly refreshing and the project management team have been fantastic."
Matthew Klassen
DevOps Lead, Telpay
AGILE TRANSFORMATION: Courses & training opportunities

Rather than a discrete change, Agile Transformation is a journey. Achieving lasting and measurable agility requires leaders to integrate agile methodologies into all aspects of the company, whether its company culture, ingrained work habits, IT infrastructure, or security.

Check out Online's in-person and virtual Agile training courses.

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SERVICE OVERVIEW: Agile Transformation

Whether you are new to Agile or midway through a transformation, Online’s Agile coaches will utilize proven assessment tools to identify problem areas and tailor a plan to maximize the value of your Agile adoption

Let Online Agile Consulting Services help your team achieve Agile excellence to enable true Business Agility.

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Kevin Paquin

Senior Director, Technology Consulting Services, Online Business Systems

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