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Our team of business and technical professionals provide assistance to our Clients across a number of critical disciplines. We can assemble a team for you, address a short-term resource gap, or fill a unique expert role.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

Change management is more than a skill, it’s an essential part of your organization’s culture that makes transformations succeed – if you want results you have to start enabling the right people to do the right things from the very beginning. Our team of PROSCI certified experts can provide guidance and best practices to help make your next change a success. It starts with the right people, in the right roles driving strategy.


With so much on the line, you can’t afford to have a project not be successful. You need to do more than deliver projects, you need to deliver results – and you need to do it at an increasingly rapid pace. This puts pressure on your management practices to be scalable, predictable and dynamic. Working with you, we will lead and inspire teams to deliver the outcomes and benefits you need. Our experience helps us ensure the integrity of project delivery and the dependencies between projects across your company.


If your company is like many others, your threshold for errors, poor performance and inconsistent behavior has diminished  as your customers have come to expect consistent, quality interactions. The emphasis on quality has had a significant impact on how you expect technology solutions to behave.  To support these expectations, we treat quality as a mandatory requirement from the very beginning. We put quality-centric activities as early as possible on our projects and manage and measure them against both functional requirements and user experience requirements.

Application Development and Management

Quite simply – we thrive on using technology that enables you to do more, do it better, and ultimately do it faster. You are unique and sometimes you need a custom solution that supports the unique ways you do business. We excel at designing, building and continually improving the applications that enable you effectively.

Systems Integration

Our understanding of both business and technology allows us to work effectively with you, your suppliers and your clients to make sure that all integration requirements are addressed. We develop and implement a plan that considers the end-to-end business processes through architecture, design, and systems requirements that ensures your systems work together and are enabled to share information.

Cloud deployment

We’ve all come to rely very much on the convenience and flexibility of this platform. Our Cloud Services provide methods for increased sustainability using the Cloud. Whether you are looking for help migrating to O365, need guidance to assess or develop migration plans, or are interested in help managing your environment; our team of Cloud and security experts have the experience to help you meet your objectives.