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Future-Proof Your Contact Center!

Learn how Large Language Models (LLMs) work in Modern Contact Centers

Now more than ever, contact centers are at the forefront of customer experience and business growth. But how do you harness the latest advancements in technology like AI? And what’s the tangible impact?

Dive into the world of Large Language Models with our interactive Live Demo – Webinar. Understand the intricacies of LLMs with real-world examples. Whether you’re a contact center veteran keen on staying ahead of the curve, or someone exploring new technological advancements, this live demo is designed specifically for you

Date: Thursday, November 30

Time: 2:00pm ET

Key Takeaways:

  • Live Demo of LLM in email and chat integrations and applications
  • Insights into how LLMs can revolutionize contact center operations
  • Exclusive tips to implement LLMs in your operations

Discover firsthand how LLMs work in modern contact centers, witness them in action, and understand their transformative potential.  

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Hosted by:

David Barentsen, Senior Consultant: A leader with over 20 years of solution consulting experience including business analysis, solution architecture and design, complemented by both enterprise privacy and project management experience. A relationship builder focused on assessing and delivering to immediate and future business needs by building strategy, defining requirements, identifying options, balancing costs/risks/time and building consensus. Thrives in fast-paced, team-oriented environments. Practitioner of Privacy by Design. Strategic thinker with excellent tactical problem solving skills.

Chris Theriault, Senior Director: I am part of a team that believes in great customer service. As a consumer, I expect great customer service at every turn. I believe that happens when a customer receives service in a timely and effective manner through the media channel of their choice. Today’s world is plugged in and a multitude of communication options are right at our fingertips. The traditional concept of a “Call Center” is dead. It’s my job to provide solutions to today’s ever evolving Contact Centre to meet enterprise service needs and open the doors of possibility on the modern communications world to invite customers in via all media channels.