Onliner Jeff Man Excited to Speak at CypherCon 2023

Join us at CypherCon 2023 where our very own Jeff Man, Sr. Information Security Consultant will be speaking at the event!

Jeff will be presenting GUR RIBYHGVBA BS PELCGBTENCUL which focuses on cryptography, encryption, and algorithms, from Jeff’s depth of experience.

The conference runs from March 30-31, 2023 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Centre.

CypherCon gives attendees the opportunity to gain diverse insight in decoding cypher puzzles, corporate and network security, privacy, personal rights and freedoms, new technologies, modern exploit techniques, security philosophy, hardware hacking, forensics, reverse engineering, protocol analysis, and cryptographic algorithms.

This is a conference you don’t want to miss with it’s flexibility to appeal to a wide variety of audiences, with themes beyond hacking such as mushroom cultivation and dark skies!

There’s truly an opportunity for everyone to take some valuable information away from this event!

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About CypherCon

CypherCon is an annual hacker conference based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We enjoy puzzles, mystery, and discovery. We pride ourselves with a unique culture that focuses heavily on retro-futuristic 70s,80s,90s,00s hacker culture blending the art of dancing between fantasy and reality. Our core event consists of several tracks of speakers about computer- and hacking-related subjects, as well as cyber-security challenges and competitions. In addition, we publish puzzles made by the community in unique story worlds. Lastly, we offer a blank canvas for hacker specializations ran by volunteers called villages.