Online is closely monitoring the emergence of COVID-19. We are taking precautionary measures to limit health risks related to COVID-19.  Our priority is the health and safety of our Clients and our Onliners.

For our Clients

We are working with our Clients to ensure the continuity of their operations as well as the delivery of our services; this includes remote delivery of our services as needed.

For Onliners

We have asked Onliners to abide by the strategies set out by their Client organizations. We are taking preventative measures to reduce risk wherever possible and are adopting the recommendations set out by the World Health Organization.

We have expressly requested that Onliners stay home if they are feeling sick, and to notify our Peoplecare team accordingly.  Business travel has been restricted with only essential travel taking place.


For updates on COVID-19 in Canada, visit here. For updates on COVID-19 outside Canada, visit here.

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