Online Business Systems Announces Partnership with Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security™ Company

Online Business Systems (Online) is pleased to announce our partnership with Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security™ Company.                     


The partnership with Rubrik better positions Online Business Systems to not only help Clients assess their readiness for a ransomware attack but also ensure they have the technology solutions in place to protect their data and reduce recovery times.


“Ransomware attacks are on the rise – and it’s no longer if you will be attacked, but when. As part of our iSecOps practice, Rubrik provides data resilience, helping protect an organization’s most critical asset, their data, and enables businesses to recover after an inevitable cyber attack.”

– Darrel Popowich, Managing Director, iSecOps, Online Business Systems 


“We are pleased to partner with Online Business Systems to help provide data security to their customers,” said Ghazal Asif, VP, Global Alliances & Partners at Rubrik. “As the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape continues to grow in sophistication, data security must be at the forefront of any organization.”


By combining Online’s cybersecurity services with Rubrik’s Zero Trust data security capabilities, organizations can more quickly recover sensitive data and better protect themselves against ransomware attacks.


About Online Business Systems: 

Online specializes in digital transformation and cybersecurity. Our team has been using technology to deliver dramatic results for businesses across Canada, the US, and EMEA since 1986.

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