Winnipeg, Manitoba: As part of this strategic focus, Online Business Systems (Online) has teamed up with Salesforce and is officially a Lightning Accredited and Registered Consulting Partner!

“At Online we realize that businesses today are under enormous pressure to transform to remain relevant. This presents an opportunity for our clients to innovate and achieve incredible things. This is why we have chosen to partner with Salesforce.
We see Salesforce as a secure and scalable digital transformation solution that, when combined with Online’s 33 years of consulting expertise, will help our clients transform their business and the way they serve their customers. Since 1999 Salesforce has been a pioneer of cloud-based computing with a focus on empowering organizations to deliver amazing customer-centric experiences which align with our goals at Online.”
 Tim Siemens, CTO – Online Business Systems


Online’s Salesforce team delivers secure and innovative customer-centric solutions. We are a trusted partner for many of North America’s leading companies in education, insurance, finance, and agribusiness and we look forward to empowering our existing and future clients with the #1 CRM; Salesforce.

Online combines the best technology, business, and security practices, to lead Clients through the transformation process.

We not only address Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation, but processes and people as well. It is this holistic approach that truly adds value, ensuring our Clients meet their goals.

  • Online has 32 years of successful system integration. (33 on April 18)
  • We are proud of our 85% Client retention rate and as of 2018, we have 12 consecutive years as a Great Place to Work in Canada. (GPTW)
  • We have a team of over 300+ professionals across seven regional offices.


Online Business Systems is a Digital Transformation & Cybersecurity consultancy.
What sets us apart? It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. Our mission keeps us focused on our Clients’ long-term best interests, and we are committed to delivering outstanding work.  Results. Guaranteed.

Learn more about our Salesforce services here! 

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