Imagine your boldest vision - and achieve it.

Online is a digital transformation and cybersecurity consultancy. Since 1986 we have been using technology to deliver dramatic business results for companies throughout North America.

Our capabilities across the transformation cycle enable our Clients to move confidently into their secure digital future. Today we have over 350 business, technology, and security professionals working with Clients throughout our 7 locations or virtual offices in North America.

Diversity & Inclusion

“To promote respect, fairness, and equal opportunity for all individuals while celebrating each Onliner’s uniqueness and encouraging organizational efforts and practices to create a sense of welcome and belonging.

In a recent survey, Onliners claimed 44 languages as their own. Through the pursuit of commitment to service excellence, we have met some incredible people from all walks of life. Every Onliner plays an important role on our journey and we are fortunate to have so many positive influences contributing to our collective futures.” – Official Diversity & Inclusion Statement


Online believes that all people and companies should care about each other. This belief is so embedded in our DNA that “Caring & Empathy: We look out for each other” is our first core value in our Onliner’s Code. We also believe that when we genuinely care, we give – in whatever way feels right for each of us, whether that’s our time, our money, or our skills. And that benefits everyone. As a company, we support initiatives in four key areas: social services, health, children, and education.

Online and Onliners give back to people in our communities to help propel them forward to better lives – because we care.

A proven formula for success

Our unsurpassed delivery, our people, and the Online culture of loyalty, trust, and commitment to mutual success set us apart. For over 30 years, Online has maintained rigorous hiring practices and a commitment to career mentorship and professional development. We always do our best to balance doing what’s right for our clients, for our company, and for Onliners. The results are tangible – high morale and low staff turnover, numerous awards for being a great place to work, and consistently high Glassdoor ratings.

For 14 consecutive years we’ve taken home awards for being a Great Place to Work in Canada (GPTW), placing 7th just last year. 

Technology independence

Customers benefit from our preferred relationships with a wide range of leading technology partners. We maintain technology independence while continually assessing available software and sourcing the most suitable solution for a given situation.

The Most Important Factor is Human

While transformation involves technology, managing the people side of the equation drives success. We put people before technology. Digital business processes change employee roles, and new digital services redefine customer interactions with your brand. We believe that this starts with our own culture and how we invest in our teams and then extends to our Client organizations and their customer.

Online in the community

We believe we have a responsibility to our communities, the environment, and to each other. We often say that together we are part of something larger than ourselves – this applies to working with our Clients and also to how we take care of those around us.

Responsible employer

Very close to our hearts is our role as an employer. We are driven by a set of core values and a culture of mutual respect. We celebrate individuality and diversity and promote personal and professional development. We formally track our performance as an employer. The results are transparent and available to Onliners.


While not a large consumer of resources, we still strive to minimize our carbon footprint through minimum-consumption and recycling programs, as well as energy efficient office environments. In our professional practice, we assist clients in meeting their commitments through solutions that enhance their own sustainability programs.