Create an engaging customer experience for your customers -
every time.

Online is North America’s leading Genesys delivery team. We use the power of the Genesys platform to help companies consistently deliver fully integrated, engaging experiences that deliver measurable business benefits.

Proud Genesys Partner

Online has been an authorized Genesys partner for over 12 years. Our team of dedicated engineers have been evolving with the platform and have amassed unparalleled experience and expertise. As your customers look for new ways to interact, count on Online to help transform your traditional call and contact centers into a central hub for customer engagement.

Customer Engagement Solutions

To create a superior, consistent customer experience, you must mobilize your entire organization to deliver a fully integrated, omni-channel strategy that integrates all technologies and processes.

The Genesys CX Platform supports your entire customer experience journey – across all interactions. We use the platform components effectively to implement scalable solutions that enable you to exceed your customer experience goals.

Your customer experience is critical to your business, and protecting your customer data is imperative. Our leading SecureCX offerings ensure that your organization and customer information are protected today and secure for tomorrow.

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"I have worked with Online’s security team for a number of years. They helped me successfully complete several PCI assessments and have provided valuable application pen-testing services for our core Internet facing applications. Their deep technical security expertise and pragmatic business minded approach makes them very enjoyable to work with and very effective. I strongly recommend the Online security team to anyone looking for security consulting services."

Michael D. Lieb – President, LCN Network (LCN is a Division of Edward G. Sawyer Co., Inc.)