Your security strategy should be constantly evolving to support the needs of your organization. Our experienced team provides assessment services to over 100 customers throughout North America. Our team has the technical skills to assess your security posture and the expertise needed to develop policies and solutions that reduce risk and ultimately protect the value of your organization.

Your organization is under a never-ending threat from a sophisticated community of cybercriminals who are intelligent, patient, and well organized. We provide you with an in-depth technical review of your current security posture through a comprehensive

analysis of vulnerabilities, compliance, exploitable information and, most importantly, business risk. We apply years of experience delivering recommendations and improvement towards your security and business goals.



Risk and Data Privacy Assessment​

Our assessments provide a comprehensive view of your organization’s security posture and ensures that methods are in place to protect the confidentiality and availability of mission critical data.

PCI Compliance Assessment

Our certified Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) have performed hundreds of PCI assessments and PCI gap assessments, providing strategic advisory and remediation consulting.

Health Security and Privacy Assessment

Our industry specific assessments certify your adherence to mandatory information security and privacy regulations, including HIPAA, HITECH, jurisdictional Information Privacy Laws and other standards unique to our clients’ industries.

GDPR Assessment and Remediation Program

Our GDPR Assessment and Remediation Program helps organizations understand and apply GDPR through a review by our in-house legal counsel, an assessment of personal data processing security and privacy posture, and the development of a prioritized remediation plan.