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Online’s CTO Shares Optimistic Outlook on GenAI with Winnipeg Free Press

A recent article published by the Winnipeg Free Press, featured Tim Siemens, partner and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), as he shares his optimistic outlook on the usage of generative AI and it’s impact on the business world. 

Tim, who also leads Online’s Innovation Lab, shared insights on unleashing the power of AI in the business world during a virtual presentation to Tech Manitoba members. As an optimist about AI, he highlighted the versatility of generative AI in various situations, from summarizing complex documents to creating agendas and project planning. He emphasized the importance of asking the right questions for optimal AI results, particularly in relation to semantics.

"Generative AI is going to have a significant impact on conversational applications like chatbots and virtual assistants. It is going to heavily penetrate those markets. It is going to change the nature of those
 kinds of interactions."
Tim Siemens
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

While optimistic about the potential of AI, Tim expressed concerns about managing malicious applications, especially in the context of deepfakes and deliberate misinformation. He hoped for regulatory and creative solutions to address these challenges, acknowledging the need for vigilance as AI technologies advance.

On the human resource impact of AI, he took an optimistic stance, seeing AI as a tool for enhancing productivity rather than replacing the skilled workforce.  Tim believes AI will make teams more productive, showcasing a positive outlook on the role of AI in the workforce

Read the full article by the Winnipeg Free Press here!

In case you missed Tim’s Tech Manitoba Presentation – Unleashing the Power of GenAI, watch it below!